Privatumo politika


Jūsų privatumas yra mums labai svarbi. Atitinkamai, mes sukūrėme šį politiką, kad jums suprasti, kaip mes renkame, naudojimas, bendrauti ir atskleisti ir naudoti asmeninę informaciją. Toliau pateikiami mūsų privatumo politiką.

  • Prieš arba rinkti asmeninę informaciją laiko, mes nustatyti tikslams, dėl kurių informacija yra surinkti.
  • Mes renkame ir naudoti asmeninę informaciją tik su įvykdyti šiuos tikslus mūsų ir kitų suderinamų nurodytais tikslais tikslo, unless we obtain the consent of the individual concerned or as required by law.
  • We will only retain personal information as long as necessary for the fulfillment of those purposes.
  • We will collect personal information by lawful and fair means and, where appropriate, with the knowledge or consent of the individual concerned.
  • Personal data should be relevant to the purposes for which it is to be used, ir, to the extent necessary for those purposes, should be accurate, complete, and up-to-date.
  • We will protect personal information by reasonable security safeguards against loss or theft, as well as unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use or modification.
  • We will make readily available to customers information about our policies and practices relating to the management of personal information.

We are committed to conducting our business in accordance with these principles in order to ensure that the confidentiality of personal information is protected and maintained.